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Japanese Knotweed Expert Report







What is a Japanese knotweed Expert Report?

A Japanese Knotweed Expert Report, sometimes also called a P35 Expert Report is a legal document that can be produced in Court as evidence. It includes all of the important information about your particular Japanese Knotweed claim.

Why would I need a Japanese knotweed Expert Report

You would usually need a Japanese Knotweed Expert Report when Japanese Knotweed has crossed a boundary line or has caused some liability for one of the parties, for example it has crossed into your boundary from a railway track, as happened in the leading case for Japanese knotweed claims in Williams v Network Rail. If this did happen, it would usually mean that your property would be devalued (diminution), due to the Japanese knotweed being present on your land. It would also cost a lot of money to have it properly removed.


This could mean that you need to to take your Japanese Knotweed Claim to court, and if you do, you will need expert evidence to  prove your case, and this is the purpose of the Japanese Knotweed Expert Report.


Expert reports must be Part 35 compliant in order to be accepted by the Courts. This ensures that they provide the most accurate and helpful information to the Court, and are not biased in any way toward a claimant or defendant. The Japanese Knotweed expert reports writer has a legal duty to the Court.  

What do Japanese knotweed Expert Reports Include?

These reports usually include the following:

  • A site assessment and identification of the weed with photographic evidence,

  • Evaluation of the most effective method of treatment or removal,

  • Conclusions to the report,

  • Experts credentials and qualifications,

  • Report basis,

  • Annex's.

Speak to us NOW if you need a Japanese knotweed Expert Report Provider

If you are a Solicitor, Law Firm, CMC or Funder with volume Japanese Knotweed Claims in need of high quality and good value Part 35 compliant expert reports, then contact us now. We have partnered with a leading Japanese Knotweed Expert Report provider, and secured some very favourable rates, including the provision of an initial triage report FREE of charge. 


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Japanese knotweed is a very invasive weed that spreads rapidly and is extremely difficult to eradicate. Originating in Japan, the Knotweed is a strong, clump-forming perennial, listed in the top 100 most invasive plants in the world. Its total eradication is very important due to its capability to displace native species, and its ability to grow through tarmac, brick walls and inside pipes, potentially causing extensive damage to property.

If your property has been encroached by this fast growing invasive weed, then you may have a claim for compensation.  If you do, then a Japanese Knotweed expert report will be an essential part of your claim.

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