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"Phil’s superior knowledge of what is a very specialised ATE market helped us to gain confidence in this complex class and moreover the breadth of knowledge in both setting up the operational aspects and then developing them so that an on-going assessment of the portfolio’s performance was extremely helpful. Being so busy at all times, nevertheless Phil was always personally available to answer questions, develop ideas and orchestrate solutions."

Mr  P, MD, International Reinsurance Co

“Phil Bellamy brings years of experience in managing and underwriting risk to bear, and combines his expertise with a tremendous knowledge of the marketplace and his many contacts within it. Reliable, hardworking and honest, Phil sets realistic expectations and delivers what he promises. I have no hesitation in endorsing Phil and his company, altogether he is a pleasure to deal with."

Mr N, MD, Specialist ATE Broker

"I've known Phil for over 10 years, mainly in the legal expenses sector. I've always found Phil to be highly professional, commercial, astute and focused.  His knowledge and contacts in the Ate market is unsurpassed, resulting in phenomenal growth in Ate business during our time together."


“I have know Phil for quite a few years now, and found his experience and in depth knowledge in ATE underwriting to be second to none. He has a good name in the market and I would thoroughly recommend Phil in relation to any ATE matters, he is friendly, articulate and has great enthusiasm, and is of sound character and integrity."

Mr E, Senior Underwriter, Global Specialty Insurer

“I have worked in the ATE insurance market for over twenty years and in that time I have seen many ATE Underwriters come and go. Phil stands out as amongst the best of the many Underwriters I have had the pleasure of dealing with: hard working, knowledgeable, gifted, honest and always calm. His decisions are made decisively, and his reasoning for either accepting or rejecting a risk is confidently and logically expressed. He is always a pleasure to do business with."

Mr M, MD, Specialist ATE Broker

“Phil Bellamy is one of the UK's 'go-to' guys in all matters relating to legal expenses insurance. Whilst he possesses  an encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject he is not simply an academic who can tell you 100 different ways why something cannot be done. He thinks outside of accepted conventions and devises solutions to problems which benefit both the client and the insurer. He is a rare breed among insurance professionals - someone who understands both risk and revenue."

Mr D, Director, Litigation Funder

“We needed a specific product that satisfied a number of different parties and bespoke requirements, and gave this brief to Phil. He quickly digested our needs, considered the options available, and provided a viable solution that worked for everyone. The solution contained a number of bespoke features."

Mr B, CEO, Litigation Funder

Phil is an outstanding qualified individual whose dedication and appetite to understand the issues results in the production of excellent reports and work that we have found to be invaluable. We were exceptionally pleased  with Phil's work which is always delivered on time, within  budget, and of a  very  high standard. Phil is the go-to-expert for all things ATE related.

Mr F, Managing Director, Insurance Company

“Phil brought his extensive industry expertise , knowledge and contacts to our business, and created a fully functioning department from top to bottom, all in good time for our successful launch. It is fair to say, it simply wouldn't have happened without Phil's dedication and hard work "

Mr G, Director new MGA

“Phil is a highly qualified insurance expert in legal expenses insurance. He has the ability to clearly identify and communicate strategic aims and plans, and ensure they are correctly implemented. Phil possesses the highest levels of honesty and integrity, and displays a fantastic attitude to work. Phil successfully drove our business forward by developing new products, generating new business, implementing cost saving initiatives and increased the Co's efficiency. His drive and enthusiasm turned a loss making operation into a very profitable business."

Mr G, Non Executive Director new MGA

Mr T, Senior Manager, MGA

“I have known Mr Bellamy since 2005 following an opportunistic telephone call, which ultimately resulted in our two companies becoming long term business partners. From the outset, Phil always conducted business in a polite and professional manner, and was instrumental in driving our successful business relationship forward. He has a keen entrepreneurial flair, and can always find a mutually satisfactory solution to any problem. Phil demonstrates an in depth knowledge of the market in which we operate, and is committed to developing opportunities as and when they arise."

Mr W, Managing Director, National Legal Services Co

“I have known Phil for a number of years, I have found him to be friendly, knowledgeable and articulate. He is a skilled negotiator and handles business meetings with confidence, he is firm on points of principle and never loses his temper. Phil would be an insightful and valuable member of any board."

Mr J, Executive Director, International re-insurance broker

“Phil has done an excellent job over the years, and his knowledge, quality and enthusiasm will be missed."

Mr S, Director, European Insurance Company

“I was very impressed with your talk. It really opened my eyes to what really mattered in the insurance world, so far as ATE premiums are concerned. You should write to each of the Regional Costs Judges (of which I am one) sending them full details of what you explained at the meeting."

District Judge Mr D

“Dear Phil, thank you for the excellent work you have done for our Company over the last 12 months. Especially  your initiative and great expertise was essential for winning the landmark "Rogers" case. Congratulations to you for this big success, it confirms the premiums and brings more stability and transparency to the whole market."

Mr H, European Insurance Company 

“Phil is a highly conscientious and motivated individual, always willing to take on complicated problems and resolve them. He has an in depth knowledge of LEI, always acts in the best interests of the Company, and treats both staff and customers equally and fairly." 

Mr M, Senior Manager, Insurance Company

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