We aim to provide our services to busy senior staff, managers and executives within the legal expenses, funding, insurance, broker, MGA, law firm and other financial sectors. Let us free up some of your valuable time . These are just some of the services Tibbington Consulting Ltd can provide. If you need any help with any other bespoke services, just let us know.  Please contact us for our hourly, daily and weekly rate card.


As an experienced operational, executive and senior manager in the financial services market, we are able to provide interim management cover for the short to medium term, whilst you search for and secure your permanent appointment. Roles such as underwriting director and chief underwriting officer would fit our experience.

Please note this service is currently unavailable as I am on a long term placement.


We can provide a combination of advice, assistance and investment into new or existing businesses in the insurance and legal sector. We can take an equity stake in MGAs, new insurer start ups, CMCs, law firms, brokers, expert report companies, and will consider any other business proposal within this niche area.  

See our equity investment page here


Securing the correct underwriting capacity for your business is an essential first step towards creating any new MGA. Is it essential to have "A" rated paper for your chosen market and customers, or would a lower rated or unrated provider still allow you to achieve your goals?


Let us review the market for you, saving you time on research, phone calls and meetings in the City.


We can review your proposed cash flow projections for your new LEI or funding business and provide a sense check of the assumptions made, and give guidance where required.


We can also produce cash flow projections for you based on your own plans for future growth and expansion.


Finding key staff for your new or existing business is very time consuming, challenging and expensive especially if you use a recruitment agency. Let us use our market knowledge and contacts to try and place your senior appointments for you.

We are also happy to sit in on interviews to ensure the candidates have the appropriate market knowledge and skill set to run and manage your business.


If you have a book of business in run off, and don't have the time or appetite to monitor its progress, we can provide a run off oversight service, whereby we review all transactions reported on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy of data and reporting.


Alternatively, we can provide a full run off service, whereby we deal with all the administration on your behalf on a daily basis.


Have you identified a potential gap in the market that could be exploited? What are the competition doing or not doing that you could improve upon?  What business classes are worth pursuing, and which should be avoided?


Let us help you with your new market research, to ensure you get all the facts before you make the decision to launch or abort. If you do decide to launch, we can provide interim management and an industry recruitment service for you.


Reviewing new or updated documentation is often a time consuming business, and if the original document creator is doing the job, they may not see the wood for the trees. We can provide a final proof read to spot any outstanding typo's or errors on any of your own drafted documents, such as policy wordings, IPID's, TOBA's, company policies, handbooks, reports & manuals etc.


Taking any new product to market can be a costly and time consuming process, with no guarantees it will be successful even when launched.


We can provide advice on what has historically worked or not worked, what is likely to be financially viable for your business and the risk carrier and what to steer clear of. If you have your own ideas you would like reviewed for commercial viability, we would be happy to assist. 


We can provide advice and a strategic planning service for any new or existing strategy you wish to test, amend or implement.


From possible new office locations, enhanced or reduced risk appetites, expanded product ranges or even downsizing before a market sale or run off scenario.  


If you are planning to seek class 17 capacity in the market, you will need a very robust business plan, including future loss ratio projections for the next 5 years, as well as an outstanding team to deliver the plan. We are able to review your plan, and provide advice and guidance on what a risk carrier would demand to see, before you submit an application destined to be declined.


Some pension schemes and trustee boards can benefit from having an independent trustee placed on their boards to provide an alternative and external viewpoint of matters affecting their scheme. As a former trustee and chairman of the trustees of a defined benefit scheme for nearly a decade, we have plenty of working knowledge to share with you.

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